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AcraStrip Industrial Solvent Replacements

We manufacture eco-friendly acetone & MEK substitutes for sustainable cleaning.

Why Choose AcraStrip?

Clean, Flush & Strip Surfaces

AcraStrip is a semi-aqueous industrial solvent replacement used to clean, flush, and strip polyester, vinyl ester epoxy resins, gel coats, adhesives, urethanes, and stands through unique lifting characteristics and green chemistry.

Eliminates Dangerous Solvents

AcraStrip is a safe and non-flammable replacement for acetonetolueneMEK, cyclohexanone, N methyl pyrrolidone, hexane, mineral spirits, ethyl acetate, and more.

Cost-Effective Acetone Substitute

AcraStrip is very economical due to its low evaporation rate, recyclability, and elimination of hazardous waste. As a safe and non-flammable acetone substitute, AcraStrip can also help to lower your facility’s insurance costs.

plant in a beaker with green liquid

Supports Eco-Friendly Operations

Developed in tandem with the EPA, eco-friendly acetone substitutes and MEK substitutes from AcraStrip are 100% biodegradable, produce no hazardous air pollutants, use no environmentally dangerous ingredients, ship DOT non-regulated, and are completely reusable.

Variety of Applications

Our MEK substitutes are ready to tackle many jobs, including paint removalgraffiti removalvarnish removal, resin removal, gel removal, ink removal, epoxy removal, grease, oil, permanent marker, paint gun and line cleaningadhesive removalfactory maintenance, and other applications.

Reusable Acetone Substitutes for Every Market

AcraStrip is a non-flammable industrial solvent replacement that has been successfully used in the marketplace for over a decade. No matter your industry, we’re certain our AcraStrip, AcraStrip 600, and Polychem product lines will match your specifications, exceed your expectations, and deliver superior cleaning, stripping, or flushing in any industry.


Marine applications require a reusable cleaner that can be applied to glass fiber composites, fiber-reinforced polymers, and similar materials. AcraStrip 600 CRR is your best solution. AcraStrip 600 CRR will maintain the strength, durability, and environmental resistance needed for successful marine craft, assemblies, and operations.

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy industry is committed to reducing carbon footprints at every level. By using AcraStrip 600 CRR eco-friendly acetone substitutes, your wind turbine operation or other renewable energy application can reduce its environmental impact while taking advantage of long-lasting cleaning capabilities and slow evaporation rates.


Proper maintenance and non-hazardous cleaning supplies are essential for the aerospace industry. AcraStrip 600 B & G Mod Auto MEK substitutes are specifically manufactured to provide safe and effective cleaning for spray applicators, tools, and other equipment used in aerospace jobs.


Acetone is a popular choice for many applications in the woodworking industry, typical solvents currently beign used are hazardous to workers, highly flammable, and can cause environmental damage. AcraStrip can remove both conversion and pre-cat varnish as a non-flammable acetone/lacquer/thinner substitute creating a safer work environment. Our products pose no significant risks, perform at a high level, and have many woodworking uses in the field.


Automotive operations need high-performance acetone substitutes, MEK alternatives, and other industrial solvent replacements for paint removal, stripping, cleaning, and more. AcraStrip 600 B & G Automotive Cleaners are designed to remove paint, overspray, mastic, blue goop, permanent marker and much more creating a safe work space. Choose AcraStrip as a Sustainable & Non-Flammable Industrial Solvent Replacement


AcraStrip: A Safe, Sustainable, and Economical Acetone and MEK Replacement

Are you ready to reduce your environmental impact, create a safer workplace, and replace harmful industrial solvents with eco-friendly alternatives? AcraStrip can help. As an industry-leading green cleaner manufacturer, we are here to support your operations through EPA-compliant products, safe applications, and more sustainable industrial cleaning practices. To learn more about our alternatives to acetone, MEK, and other hazardous substances, contact us or call 800-431-2072 today.