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Environmentally Friendly Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Acrastrip provides environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for many industries and applications. Click on the links below to learn more about specific applications. 

Ecofriendly Paint Removal

Eco-friendly AcraStrip 800 and AcraStrip 600  series cleaners conserve natural resources, avoid toxic emissions, save energy, offer low VOCs, and contribute to a safe and healthy environment. Our industrial-strength paint strippers provide proper sustainability, composition, and function. Our products are completely recyclable and reusable, so they are a cost-effective and high-performance alternative to traditional paint-stripping chemicals.

Graffiti Removal

An environmentally friendly graffiti cleaner is one that conserves natural resources, avoids toxic emissions, saves energy, and contributes to a safe and healthy environment. Safe products such as AcraStrip 600 provide proper sustainability, composition, function, disposal, and cost-effectiveness. AcraStrip products are easily recycled through simple settling and can be collected in drums or totes and allowed to settle for 24-48 hours.

Varnish Remover for Woodworking

As a unique and equally powerful substitute, AcraStrip 600 can be used as an acetone replacement for woodworking. AcraStrip is a safe, aqueous, non-flammable alternative to acetone that maintains all the benefits of acetone without the harmful side effects. It's 100% biodegradable, HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) free, non-hazardous, environmentally neutral and recyclable. AcraStrip can be used anywhere that traditional chemical-based varnish removers like acetone are used.

Paint Spray Gun Cleaning

AcraStrip 600 and other AcraStrip products are industrial or commercial paint gun cleaner solvent substitutes. Selecting the right industrial cleaner is important for effectively cleaning your paint gun. While traditional products like acetone, xylene, and toluene are popular, they can pose several serious health and safety risks as they contain HAPS, are flammable, and are hazardous to the environment and workers. AcraStrip’s line of eco-friendly solvent substitutes is your best solution.

Paint Gun Line Cleaning

Properly maintaining your paint gun lines is essential to making sure it operates properly. While many people use an acetone cleaner, this can have adverse effects on the environment. Acrastrip offers an aqueous, eco-friendly acetone alternative that effectively cleans your paint gun lines, whether it is a pressure pot, HVLP, gravity-fed, or another method.

Adhesive Removal

With so many types of adhesives used across industries, selecting the right adhesive remover is important to pick the the right chemistry. AcraStrip 600 BG Mod Auto is a superior choice for adhesive removal, including removing mastic, water/solvent passed adhesives, and many other industrial adhesives from floors, metals, and concrete.

Factory Maintenance 

AcraStrip can be used to replace acetone and other cleaning and degreasing chemicals in your factory maintenance applications. It can also be used within your SAP plant maintenance program in place of acetone and other chemical solvents typically used for preventative maintenance including cleaning and maintaining equipment.

IBC Tote and Tank Cleaning 

Acetone, MEK, and other traditionally used industrial solvents and cleaners can have critical consequences when used for IBC tote and tank cleaning as they can create long term damage your totes/tank while at the same time exposing employees to noxious and toxic chemicals. The solution? Non-toxic and aqueous AcraStrip 600 B & G cleaners. Designed in tandem with the EPA to ensure compliance with all regulations, AcraStrip 600 B & G offers many benefits.