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Why Choose AcraStrip as an Acetone & MEK Replacement?

July 18, 2022

Acetone is a highly hazardous substance often used as a cleaner and solvent in industrial facilities. While it provides effective cleaning, it is toxic to the environment, produces dangerous waste, is extremely flammable, and can have critical health consequences for workers. Similar risks are associated with MEK, toluene, xylene, and other unsafe cleaning chemicals.

Using a green cleaner as an acetone or MEK replacement can minimize these risks, keep workers safer, and positively impact the overall environment while still achieving high-quality cleaning results.

Reasons to Choose Polychem & AcraStrip Solvents to Replace Acetone & MEK

For decades, Polychem has been a leading manufacturer of acetone alternatives, MEK replacements, and substitute cleaners for hazardous chemicals. Our AcraStrip and Polychem green cleaners have passed many tests performed by coatings manufacturers, comply with EPA standards, and meet guidelines set in many industries. We developed our aqueous, semi-aqueous, and solvent replacement products to efficiently clean parts and products while creating an eco-friendly environment for your employees.

Save Money & Lower Risk with High-Performing Acetone Substitutes

Typically, a single drum of AcraStrip is equal to five to seven drums of acetone as AcraStrip cleaners are reusable and have a lower rate of evaporation. These characteristics can save your business on both freight and insurance costs. As AcraStrip does not usually produce hazardous waste, additional cost savings are achieved. Other benefits to choosing AcraStrip include:

  • Minimized risk creates a safer work environment for employees while lowering insurance costs
  • Considered non-hazardous
  • Non-flammable (AcraStrip 950 excluded)
  • Semi-aqueous
  • Generates minimal amounts of non-hazardous waste
  • Zero HAP content
  • Biodegradable
  • Reusable and recyclable

Achieve EPA Compliance

Our AcraStrip products were initially developed in partnership with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to meet and exceed strict quality standards.

Pick from a Variety of Acetone Substitutes & MEK Replacements

We provide various options to satisfy any application’s demands and deliver high-quality cleaning every time. Choose between the following AcraStrip and Polychem products:

  • AcraStrip 600 Series. Depending on your application, the 600 series green acetone substitute cleaners can be used as is or diluted with water. They are suited to a variety of applications and provide comprehensive cleaning abilities.
  • AcraStrip 800. This MEK replacement and acetone alternative is a higher strength version of our 600 series solvents and cannot be diluted with water. It is suited to cleaning all resins, especially epoxy and vinyl esters.
  • AcraStrip 950. The 950 green acetone alternative solvent is an environmentally-friendly option suited to cleaning equipment, tools, roll coaters, and much more throughout industries like composites, chemical manufacturing, and others.
  • AcraStrip Wipes. AcraStrip’s Polychem wipes are a safe and effective alternative to acetone, MEK, toluene, xylene, and other hazardous cleaning wipes commonly used in coating applications.
  • Polychem 36. Polychem 36 is a low VOC biodegradable cleaner. It removes uncured paints, oils, resins, and ink from most objects, including guns, nozzles, disks, bells, and more.
  • Polychem A-2000 B. A free-rinsing precision cleaner for industrial usage, Polychem A-2000 B is uniquely suited to removing contaminants from a wide range of ferrous or non-ferrous parts. While it is applicable to any industry, this acetone alternative is often used in the aerospace and pharmaceutical industries.

Quickly and easily clean fiberglass, chop guns, strip resin, wipe final finishes, strip floors, and much more using our high-quality acetone substitute solvents.

Easily Test Acetone Replacement Cleaners with Your Components

Testing AcraStrip acetone replacement cleaners is quick and easy. Simply add AcraStrip to any bucket, parts washer, gun cleaner, or ultrasonic unit. AcraStrip can be heated to produce expedited results. Submerge a few test parts into the cleaner and check their progress. AcraStrip can also be used to flush and strip both wet or cured coatings.

Your Go-To Green Acetone Alternative Manufacturer

AcraStrip is dedicated to providing safe, effective, high-performance cleaning to replace acetone, MEK, xylene, toluene, and other harmful cleaners in your industrial facility. To learn more about our available products or to discuss how we can serve you as your dedicated acetone substitute manufacturer, contact us or call 800-431-2072. Our knowledgeable and friendly representatives are standing by to find your best solution.