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Polychem A-2000 B

Precision cleaning is the process of removing all the contaminants from a specific object. For many industries like aerospace and pharmaceutical, precision cleaning is a necessary and vital part of, not just inspections, but their success overall. If surfaces aren’t completely cleaned of all contaminants, this can slow down production and cost the company time and money.

 AcraStrip provides Polychem A-2000 B cleaner, a free-rinsing precision cleaner that’s perfect for industries and applications that require precision cleaning.

Polychem A-2000 B Precision Cleaning Product

The Polychem A-2000 B is an alkaline free, low VOC rinse cleaner that is non-silicated and non-etch. It provides exceptional cleaning ability with a high degree of safety to aluminum.

Our free rinsing precision cleaner is a blend of surfactants, sequestrants and phosphates that can be used as a precision cleaning product before chromating, anodizing, etching, or other conversion coatings.

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Applications for Free Rinsing Precision Cleaner

Polychem A-2000 B was designed to clean both ferrous and non-ferrous metals in a variety of industries. It is an ideal spot-free industrial cleaner for the aerospace, defense, medical implants, computer tech, and pharmaceutical industries.

For the majority of these industries, a high-quality precision cleaning product is necessary to pass the microscopic inspection of their surfaces.

It can also be used for: 

  • Ultrasonic tanks
  • Removing oils and grease
  • Removing buffing compounds and stencil marks
  • Removing flux, fingerprints, and stamping oils
  • Cleaning paint masks at elevated temperatures

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AcraStrip provides a full line of spot-free alkaline rinse and industrial cleaner that can be used on grease, steel, paint, aluminum, and a variety of other surfaces. Our Polychem A-2000 B is a safe, effective spot-free industrial cleaner that is perfect for your industrial application.

To learn more about our Polychem A-2000 B cleaner, contact us today or call 800-431-2072 for more information.