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Aqua-Spat® NF

Aqua-Spat® NF is an aqueous, zero VOC, non-aerosol biodegradable blend of surfactants and sequestrants that protects metal against weld spatter. During the welding process, droplets of molten metal can land on surrounding surfaces, affecting the appearance and overall quality of the welded material. The mildly alkaline liquid blend of Aqua-Spat® NF provides an environmentally safe solution for preventing weld spatter and protecting parts fixtures, weld tips, and nozzles.

Protect Metal Surfaces During Welding Operations with Aqua-Spat® NF

Designed as a spatter release and metal protectant, Aqua-Spat® NF is a water-based, free rinsing agent that prevents weld spatter and slag from adhering to base materials. The water in the formula acts as a carrier that delivers the protectant product to the metal surface, evaporating during or shortly after application.

Aqua-Spat® leaves behind a protective coating that allows weld spatter and slag to be brushed away and then rinsed off the base metal material with water or left on as a rust protectant. The key to Aqua-Spat® is to use as little as possible. Over-application may cause the water base to rinse away the protectant before use.

Aqua-Spate Performance Assessment

To assess Aqua-Spat® NF’s performance, follow these steps:

  1. Dip your index finger into Aqua-Spat® NF.
  2. Rub the solution between the index finger and thumb until the water evaporates, which should leave behind a tacky or dry, slippery feel. This is the feel of the desired coating on surfaces to be protected.
  3. Rinse fingers under water. Aqua-Spat® NF products are free rinsing and will come off without residue.

Aqua-Spat® NF Preventative Weld Spatter Applications & Use Methods

In order to maximize performance, you must minimize the amount of product applied. If Aqua-Spat® is over-applied, the water in the product may rinse away the protectant, reducing the ability of the metal protectant to work as intended. Aqua-Spat® can be applied using:

  • Hand Spray Bottles
  • Brushing or Dipping
  • Misters or Foggers
  • Pneumatic Sprayer
  • And More

The processes of applying Aqua-Spat® in specific hand spray bottles, automated, and additional applications are as follows.

Hand Spray Bottle Application

When using a hand spray bottle, apply Aqua-Spat® NF in the finest atomized state possible. Spraying over the area to be protected and allowing the product to mist down onto the surface offers the best results. In most cases, one pump of a hand sprayer should be sufficient to protect the area coated in Aqua-Spat®. If coating a vertical surface, start at the top and work downwards using the misting technique.

Automated Mist & Fog Applications

With automated application methods, put Aqua-Spat® into any atomized container, fogger, or misting device. Be careful not to over-apply; this application method is finer than hand spray bottles. Aqua-Spat® can be used with automated applicators to protect metal surfaces, jigs, fixtures, gun tips, and nozzles. A paint gun/pressure pot setup works exceptionally well for large surface areas.

Spray Gun Nozzle, Dipping & Brushing Applications

For spray guns, brushing, and dipping Aqua-Spat® for metal protectant against weld spatter and slag, use the following application methods:

  • Dip: Heat Aqua-Spat® NF to 110°-140° F, then dip the desired part into the heated solution. Remove the part slowly and allow the surface to “dry”.
  • Brush: Dip the brush in Aqua-Spat®, then apply in one direction and allow the surface to “dry”.
  • Spray Gun Nozzles & Tips: Spray Aqua-Spat® directly onto tips and nozzles manually or automatically. The heat on the nozzle will evaporate the water in the product, leaving behind a protective coating. Rinse the tips and reapply periodically to avoid product build-up.

Contact AcraStrip for Eco-Friendly Metal Protectant & Industrial Cleaning Alternatives

Committed to developing environmentally responsible alternatives to cleaning solvents, we’re proud to introduce Aqua-Spat®. A biodegradable, aqueous solution used to protect metal in welding operations from spatter and slag, Aqua-Spat® is a free-rinsing agent providing base material protection and rust prevention. Contact us with any questions or request an SDS sheet for more information on our product.