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Acetone Replacement for Woodworking

Acetone is regularly used within the woodworking industry to strip wooden furniture of old paint or varnish remnants, so a new coat can be cleanly applied. Wood floor refinishers often use it before sanding to remove the upper layer of finish from the wood prior to adding a new finish.

If you have ever spilled acetone on your skin, you may have noticed that your skin becomes very dry. This reaction is due to the solvent's volatility and quick evaporation rate, which sucks the moisture from your skin. This type of stripping quality can have benefits, but the health risks associated with acetone often outweigh any potential benefits. Many are turning away from using acetone in the woodshop, because of the variety of safety risks it poses. 

Why to Replace Acetone in the WoodshopReplacement Acetone for Woodworking

Acetone is highly flammable, which can be dangerous when working in a space full of wood and sawdust. Additionally, if acetone is unknowingly spilled on a piece of finished wood, it may have to be refinished or replaced. Due to the powerful nature of the volatile organic compound, acetone may not always be your best choice for woodworking. However, there are safer alternatives.

As a unique and equally powerful substitute, AcraStrip can be used as an acetone replacement for woodworking. AcraStrip is a safe, aqueous, non-flammable alternative to acetone that maintains all the benefits of acetone without the harmful side effects.

AcraStrip - A Woodworker's Acetone Replacement

There are many benefits of using a green paint remover like the AcraStrip 600 series from Polychem. This type of green paint remover is 100% biodegradable, HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) free, non-hazardous, environmentally neutral and recyclable. AcraStrip industrial paint remover can also be used anywhere that traditional chemical-based solvents like acetone are used. AcraStrip 600 provides an eco paint removal system that can effectively remove various types of paints, varnishes, and chemicals, including:

  • Urethanes
  • Adhesives
  • Polyester resins
  • Vinyl ester resins
  • Ethyl Acetate
  • Mineral Spirits
  • Hexane
  • Cyclohexanone
  • Gel coats
  • Glazes
  • Varnishes
  • Paints 

AcraStrip Acetone Replacements

Product Name AcraStrip 600 CRR AcraStrip 600 Auto AcraStrip 600 MIL AcraStrip 800 AcraStrip 950
Flammability NONE NONE NONE NONE 163°F (73°C)
HAP Content Zero Zero Zero Zero Zero
Odor Mild Mild Mild Mild Mild, sweet
Dilutable Yes Yes Yes No No
pH Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral 5.5-6.0
Appearance Clear liquid Clear liquid Clear liquid Clear liquid Clear liquid
Biodegradable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Use Temp. Ambient-
165°F (74°C)
165°F (74°C)
165°F (74°C)
165°F (74°C)

Woodworking Acetone Alternative Products

A varnish remover that replaces acetone in the woodshop is one that conserves natural resources, avoids toxic emissions, reduces VOC's, saves energy and contributes to a safe and healthy environment. Green products such as AcraStrip 600 provide proper sustainability, composition, function, disposal, and cost-effectiveness. AcraStrip products are also easily recycled through simple settling. Furthermore, woodworking acetone replacement products can be easily collected in drums or totes and settled for 24-48 hours for the best results.

Acrastrip 600 Series

Removing Varnish in the Woodshop for Cost Savings

Eco-friendly paint removal products typically last 7-10 times longer than most solvents due to their slow evaporation rate and reusability. Solvent users lose 30-35% of their solvents in the workplace due to evaporative losses from closed and open tanks. Acetone replacement products such as AcraStrip have slower evaporation rates, which provides for only negligible losses. In addition, many solvents lose their ability to clean for a long period due to their load capacity. Since AcraStrip 600 CRR can separate waste from reusable cleaner this acetone alternative has a longer half-life compared to traditional solvents, allowing for an overall increase in cost savings.

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AcraStrip Sizing and Shipping Information

At US Polychemical Corp., we offer convenient sizing options to meet your specific needs. Our products are shipped in three container sizes: 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, and 275-gallon totes. This variety ensures that whether you require a smaller quantity for a specific project or a larger volume for industrial applications, we have the right packaging for you.