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How Often Should Wind Turbines Be Cleaned?

Wind turbine field Wind turbines are an effective and efficient renewable energy source, but they must be regularly cleaned and maintained to work at maximum capacity. Dirt and debris can become caught in the turbines, negatively affecting energy output. Failure to properly clean or maintain wind turbines can lead to property damage, injuries, environmental issues, and other consequences.

Most wind turbines require cleaning every two years. However, that time frame can vary widely depending on your operational needs. Establishing a wind turbine cleaning schedule that matches your requirements can extend your wind farm’s lifespan, increase profits, and add many other advantages to your renewable energy operation.

What Impacts Wind Turbine Cleaning Frequency?

Wind turbine cleaning frequency will vary depending on your wind farm’s environment, geographic weather patterns, water exposure, and other factors. Common considerations include:

  • Storms, rain, tornadoes, and similar natural phenomena
  • Pollutants or contamination present in the area
  • Salt corrosion and water exposure at coastal outfits, offshore wind farms, and similar locations
  • Ease of access at remote or challenging job sites

If your wind turbines are in harsh conditions or exposed to corrosive environments, your cleaning frequency will need to happen more often compared to other wind farms. Evaluate your working conditions, and then design a wind turbine cleaning schedule that matches your individual requirements, equipment specifications, and other factors unique to your work processes.

Signs Your Wind Turbine Requires Cleaning

Regardless of your wind turbine maintenance schedule, always keep an eye out for signs that turbines require more frequent cleaning. These may include:

  • Visible dirt or burn soot buildup
  • Reduced efficiency or power output
  • New or unexpected noises
  • And other signs specific to your wind farm.

Use Polychem 36 for Your Wind Turbine Cleaning Schedule

Wind turbine cleaning traditionally uses petroleum-based, HAPS-based, and high-VOC cleaning products despite these cleaners posing significant risks to both workers and the environment. Polychem 36 cleaners are your best solution. Specifically formulated to clean and maintain composite wind turbines, Polychem 36 offers:

  • Comprehensive cleaning of heavy greases, oils, soot, dried-on bugs, vegetation,crop burn residues and other debris
  • Ability to clean steel, painted steel, polyester, epoxy reinforced with Kevlar or carbon fiber, and other materials
  • Fully biodegradable and non-red label formula
  • Non-foaming with no HAPs
  • Formulated in compliance with EPA standards
  • Capable of being used with pressure washers up to 7500 PSI, dip tanks, ultrasonic units, or hand cleaning
  • And much more!

Integrating Polychem 36 into your wind turbine cleaning schedule lowers risk, improves your wind turbine’s carbon footprint, and makes the most of your available resources. From corrosive environments to locations with extreme weather and beyond, Polychem 36 will clean your wind turbines and allow them to deliver excellent energy outputs over long lifespans.

Replace Hazardous Cleaners with Eco-Friendly Solutions

AcraStrip and Polychem cleaners are sustainable alternatives to dangerous solvents and traditionally used petroleum-based industrial cleaners. Our semi-aqueous solvent replacements can tackle the rigors of tough industrial cleaning jobs across industries. Ready to learn how we can support your wind turbine cleaning schedule? Contact us or call 800-431-2072, ext. 360, to discuss your needs.