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Safe and Economical Acetone Replacement

Polychem® 36: Biodegradable MEK & Xylene Replacement

Polychem® 36 was uniquely developed to remove uncured paints, resins, oils and inks without attacking metals, plastic or glass substrates. This low VOC bio-degradable cleaner provides a combination of surfactants and builders. It also contains no HAP’s, is non-flammable and works on a wide variety of cleaning and flushing applications. Polychem® 36 is a safe semi-aqueous cleaner that is a direct replacement for materials such as MEK Xylene and other hazardous materials that are regularly found in many coating facilities.

Polychem® 36 Cleaning Applications

This low VOC bio-degradable cleaner has a wide range of available applications. Polychem® 36 was developed as a safe semi-aqueous cleaner to replace MEK and Xylene type solvents. The Polychem 36 will remove uncured paints, oils, resins and inks on applications, such as:

  • Guns
  • Nozzles
  • Disks
  • Bells
  • Spray Booths
  • Pails
  • Drums
  • Lids
  • Filters
  • Coil Coatings
  • Hard Surfaces

Polychem® 36 may be applied using methods such as hand wiping, pressure spray, immersion, ultrasonic scrubbers, and floor scrubbers.

Eco-Friendly Bio-Degradable Cleaner

Due to its low VOC and unique surfactant blend, the Polychem® 36 allows for separation through simple gravity filtration. Once filtered the Polychem 36 can be re-used. Grease, resin and a host of other contaminants will settle to the bottom of the buckets, drums, totes or tanks for easy disposal. After Polychem® 36 is filtered it will continue to clean and flush lines for an extended period. Once the life/cycle is complete, disposal of spent material does not typically involve any HAZMAT removal fees.

Bio-Degradable Cleaner Cost Savings

Polychem® 36 is a low VOC bio-degradable cleaner that can be recycled inexpensively by using a simple settle, filter and add back process, which uses very little energy or labor. This allows for a longer life cycle compared to traditional industry solvents. Additionally, there are no Hazmat shipping fees or special handing associated with this surfactant. 

Benefits of Bio-Degradable Cleaners

Polychem® 36 is a safe biodegradable solvent cleaner that is a direct replacement for materials such as MEK and Xylene.

Safety Benefits

  • Non-Flammable
  • 100% HAPs Free
  • Non-Regulated DOT Shipment
  • Greatly Reduces Health/Safety Issues

Overall Benefits

  • MEK & Xylene Replacement
  • Green Solvent Replacement
  • Eco-Friendly Solvent
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Resin Cleaner
  • Biodegradable
  • Easily Recyclable
  • Slow Evaporation

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Environmental Specifications

Bio degradable surfactants and Builders
Biodegradable surfactants
Clear Liquid
Specific Gravity:
Use Concentration:
5% to full strength
Ambient -160°F
PH,use concentration:
10.0 ± 0.2
Water solubility:
Rinseability, with water:
Free rinsing

Speed & Efficiency Guidelines

- Solution reduction range:
1 to 3 parts XS solution to 10 parts water.
- Solution temperature range:
140 to 160 °F supply temperature.
- Solution pressure range:
60 to 100 psi supply pressure
- Purge air pressure range
60 to 100 psi purge air supply.