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Acetone & MEK Replacements for the Automotive Industry

Acetone and MEK are readily available solvents used for various applications throughout the automotive industry. While these solvents provide comprehensive paint removal, stripping, and other cleaning abilities, they are hazardous substances that should be applied with extreme care. Both solvents can cause negative health complications for workers, be expensive to dispose of, and have serious environmental repercussions.

Our “green” AcraStrip line is designed to replace acetone and MEK in the autobody aftermarket as well as automotive tier 1 & 2 manufacturers.  Our products are designed with you in mind and can effectively remove paint, overspray, marker, mastic, hot met, blue goop and other substances in the automotive industry. Acrastrip is versatile and can be used across a variety of applications.

Choose Acetone Substitutes as Automotive Paint Removers & StrippersAutomotive Industry

Our AcraStrip 600 B & G Automotive Cleaner is an ideal acetone substitute and MEK replacement in the automotive industry. This non-toxic solvent alternative cleans, strips, and flushes cured or uncured coatings from bells, guns, pressure pots, flow meters and regulators. It is applicable to most tools, products, and processes associated with the automotive industry, including ultrasonic units, spray washers, pressure pots, agitation systems, floor cleaning, and much more.

We also offer a range of other green cleaners and solvent substitutes for automotive applications, including other AcraStrip 600 Series acetone replacements, the complete AcraStrip family of products, and Polychem MEK replacement cleaners. We are confident that we have the MEK and acetone replacement product you need for your automotive application, such as:

The Benefits of Using AcraStrip Green Cleaners in the Automotive Industry

Using AcraStrip acetone and MEK replacements in your automotive facility comes with many advantages. Green cleaner acetone substitutes lower the overall rate of risk at your job site and can be used to complete an extensive range of tasks. Other benefits include:

  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Non-flammable
  • Semi-aqueous 
  • Non-hazardous to humans
  • Able to be reused after most applications
  • 100% HAPS free
  • Typically requires no specialized disposal method
  • Made in the US


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