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AcraStrip Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about AcraStrip biodegradable cleaners for industrial and commercial applications? We have the information you need. If you don’t see the answers you’re looking for, contact us today. We’re dedicated to providing fast and friendly service as we help you to replace acetone, MEK, and other hazardous solvents in your facility.

General Information About AcraStrip

What is AcraStrip?

AcraStrip is a green cleaner designed to replace acetone, MEK, N methyl pyrrolidone, and many other solvents typically used in industrial or commercial settings. It minimizes risk in your facility to keep workers safer and lower insurance costs, complies with EPA standards, biodegradable, non-flammable, has zero HAP content, and features many other benefits and advantages. To meet the varied needs of many industries, we supply a full line of AcraStrip acetone replacement cleaners:

Safety Data Sheets are available for our entire family of products. Provide your product and application details, and one of our representatives will be in touch as soon as possible.

Which solvents can AcraStrip replace?

AcraStrip is a replacement cleaner for many hazardous solvents, including acetone, MEK, NMPxylene, toluene, thinners, mineral spirits, NMP, methylene chloride, and others.

Why should I replace acetone and other harmful solvents with AcraStrip?

Many commonly used industrial solvents pose potential risks to workers, the environment, and your equipment. They are flammable and hazardous, especially when applied or stored incorrectly. By replacing these solvents with eco-friendly and non-hazardous AcraStrip, you can improve workplace safety while comprehensively cleaning applicators, surfaces, and more.

Learn more about replacing acetone and other solvents with biodegradable AcraStrip.

What is the difference between AcraStrip and acetone?

Both AcraStrip and acetone can be used to wipe surfaces or objects clean. They can also be used in a dip when cleaning wet, tacky, or cured coatings. However, acetone is generally not a good stripper and cannot be heated—unlike AcraStrip, which can be heated and used to strip or clean parts, paint guns, tools, pumps, regulators, flow meters, and more.

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What is the difference between AcraStrip and MEK?

Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) is used for the harshest applications where even acetone will not work, including cleaning oil, heavy-type lithium grease, and other factory maintenance. As a MEK substitute, AcraStrip can help create a cleaner, safer work environment while still completing advanced cleaning.

Learn more about how AcraStrip works as a replacement for MEK.

Application Information for AcraStrip as an Acetone Substitute

Which AcraStrip product is best for my industry?

As an acetone replacement, AcraStrip applies to an extensive range of industrial cleaning jobs, including removing grease, oil, resin, ink, permanent marker, adhesives, and paint. Which AcraStrip or Polychem product is best for your industry will vary, and we can meet the needs of most industrial cleaning jobs:

Can AcraStrip be used to remove acrylic nails, gel nails, or nail polish?

While AcraStrip will remove acrylic nails, gel nails, and nail polish, it is not recommended for personal use on nails. AcraStrip is an industrial-grade green cleaner designed for use on wood, plastic, metal, and other surfaces. Only use AcraStrip for its intended use.

Can AcraStrip be used to clean guns?

Yes, AcraStrip can effectively clean various kinds of guns, including paint guns, insulation guns, and firearms.

Can AcraStrip be used to clean glassware?

Yes, AcraStrip can be used to clean glassware. It provides high-quality cleaning on glassware, lenses, paint booth walls, plexiglass, and more.

Is AcraStrip recommended for household use?

No, AcraStrip is not recommended for personal or household use. It is an industrial-grade cleaner for professional job sites, manufacturing facilities, and other high-volume applications requiring an acetone substitute.

Is AcraStrip reusable?

Yes, AcraStrip is reusable through simple bag filtration. Allow the used or spent AcraStrip acetone replacement to settle for 24 hours. Filter through 25-200 micron filter bags accordingly. After filtration, add your cleaned and newly recycled AcraStrip to the original container. To keep AcraStrip performing as intended, occasionally add fresh material to the tank’s fill line and continue cleaning.

How do I dispose of AcraStrip?

Acetone, MEK, and other spent hazardous chemicals must be disposed of through a licensed local waste disposal company. AcraStrip typically goes out as non-hazardous waste, lowering costs and saving your resources. Exceptions include when AcraStrip has been used to clean lead or chrome-based coatings.

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