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Stripping Polyurethane Off Applicators

September 28, 2022

Polyurethane is a clear liquid coating applied over paint or wood to protect surfaces and preserve a like-new look. While polyurethane creates a durable and attractive finish, its thick consistency, toxicity, and ability to dry quickly can make it difficult to remove from applicators in many industries, such as:

How Do You Clean a Polyurethane Applicator?

Methods for stripping polyurethane from applicators will vary depending on whether you use a water- or oil-based polyurethane product. The type of polyurethane applicator you’re using will also impact the best polyurethane stripping method.

How Do You Clean Polyurethane Out of a Spray Gun?

Failure to adequately remove polyurethane from your paint spray gun can have critical consequences for your equipment. With a few easy steps, you can quickly clean your spray guns and remove all polyurethane residue:

  1. Flush our Acrastrip through your gun to clean all internal parts and lines
  2. Take your gun apart if you choose but not necessary
  3. Submerge the gun’s tip, air cap, fluid nozzle, and needle in your chosen cleaner and clear away any polyurethane residue. Works best in an ultrasonic unit.
  4. Attach or reassemble your freshly cleaned spray gun

Acetone, MEK & Paint Thinner Replacements for Stripping Polyurethane

AcraStrip 600, Acrastrip 800, Polychem® 36, and our other cleaners are high-performing acetone, MEK, and paint thinner alternatives for cleaning polyurethane brushes and applicators. Where more traditional, chemical-based paint strippers can cause respiratory issues and have other health consequences, our products are safe to use over multiple applications. Other benefits of choosing AcraStrip acetone replacements for stripping polyurethane include:

  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Non-flammable
  • Semi-aqueous
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable, and considered non-hazardous
  • Zero HAP content
  • Generates minimal amounts of hazardous waste
  • Lowers risk for employees, resulting in lower insurance costs

Best of all, AcraStrip helps stretch your budget further. A single drum of our solvent replacement for stripping polyurethane is equal to about five drums of solvent due to its re-use and slower evaporation. We can help you declutter your workspace through fewer necessary products, complete cleaning processes in less steps, and keep your workers safe with our high-quality AcraStrip line which are MEK & acetone replacements.

Get Started with AcraStrip Today

AcraStrip is a safe and effective paint thinner alternative and solvent replacement for removing polyurethane from most applicators. Contact us or call 800-431-2072 today to learn more about how our products and services can support your industrial application.