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Eco-Friendly Cleaner for Marine Applications

Glass fiber composites and fiber-reinforced polymers are used extensively in the marine industry, from catamarans to commercial and recreational boats. Racing yachts, specifically, use glass fiber composites more than any other marine structure. In these applications, the fiber-reinforced polymer cleaner that you use needs to be of high quality as well as safe to keep up with the environmental demands in manufacturing facilities.

AcraStrip 600 CRR is used in the cleanup and plant maintenance of the marine industry and is an efficient and green alternative to acetone.

AcraStrip is an Ideal Composite Cleaner for the Marine Industry

Marine Industry

AcraStrip 600 CRR is a fiber-reinforced polymer cleaner designed to keep equipment, tools, molds, chop guns, putty rips, adhesive machines and general surroundings free from resins, gel coats, and epoxies. Marine applications utilize glass fiber composites for strength, durability, and environmental resistance. To maintain these properties, AcraStrip is a high quality, safe, and effective composite cleaner for the marine industry.

AcraStrip 600 CRR is also an ideal cleaner for resin transfer. It can effectively clean tanks, transfer lines, steam cores, heat exchangers, and secondary containments used in resin film intrusion.

Our composite cleaner can be used for a range of applications in the marine industry, including cleaning:

  • Recreational Boats
  • Fishing Boats
  • Catamaran
  • House Boats

Benefits of AcraStrip 600 CRR as a Glass Fiber Composites Cleaner

For all of your marine application needs, AcraStrip 600 CRR provides a biodegradable, non-flammable alternative to acetone. It is safe and highly effective at removing cured and uncured resins, gel coats, epoxy coatings, and adhesives.

Through simple settling, AcraStrip 600 CRR is semi-aqueous, can be easily recycled, making it an eco-friendly alternative to methylene chloride, xylene, MEK, NMP, and other petroleum-based products. It produces non-hazardous waste, significantly reducing costs for disposal. 


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