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Safe and Economical Acetone Replacement

Safe Graffiti Removal Products

Removing graffiti can be a painstaking process. Graffiti is nearly impossible to remove with ordinary cleansers or processes. Proper graffiti removal products and tools are usually needed to restore the affected area back to its original status. Additionally, traditionally used graffiti solvents such as acetone are harmful to the people that use them and pose additional harm when absorbed into the ground. That is why there has been a recent call for graffiti removal products and tools that are acetone free.

Graffiti Removal Acetone Side Effects

Hazardous solvents such as acetone are used to remove graffiti and can cause health issues. Therefore, it’s important to consider how your health and environment may be affected before using Acetone to remove graffiti. For a safer process there are green graffiti removal Acetone alternatives that do not carry the harsh side-effects of Acetone.

Safe Graffiti Removal Methods

There are a wide range of effective graffiti removal tools and procedures that can successfully remove graffiti from your surface. The following methods are common ways in which graffiti can be removed without the use of Acetone.

  • Paint-Out – One option that incorporates a green graffiti removal process is to simply paint over the graffiti laden area. However, if the affected area is very large painting could be a very expensive process. Green graffiti removal products such as AcraStrip 600 may be a more viable option regarding time and resources.
  • Sandblaster – A graffiti removal tool such as a sandblaster may be a worthwhile option for graffiti that is very dry and set-in to its structure. A negative aspect of sandblasting is that it requires special equipment and a rather lengthy cleanup process.
  • Detergents & Liquid Wash - A common method of cleaning graffiti is to use washing detergents and liquids with water. You can use a nylon brush to scrub out the paint. However, this method will only be effective if the graffiti paint is water-soluble.
  • Acetone Alternatives – A graffiti removal Acetone alternative such as AcraStrip 600 is an excellent eco-graffiti removal option. AcraStrip 600 is a water soluble, non-hazardous, eco-friendly solvent replacement. This cleaner was designed to replace methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), methylene chloride, xylene and other petroleum-based products. In addition, AcraStrip 600 CRR is a green graffiti solvent that can provide safe graffiti removal. This green graffiti removal solvent can also effectively outperform traditional chemical solvents such as acetone, toluene, methyl ethyl ketone and thinners due to its unique lifting characteristics and green technology.

Eco-Graffiti Removal Products

A green graffiti removal product is one that conserves natural resources, avoids toxic emissions, saves energy and contributes to a safe and healthy environment. Green products such as AcraStrip 600 provide proper sustainability, composition, function, disposal and cost effectiveness. AcraStrip products are easily recycled through simple settling. Acrastrip can  be collected in drums or totes and allowed to settle for 24-48 hours.

Green Graffiti Removal - Cost Saving Acetone Alternatives

Eco paint removal products typically lasts 7-10 times longer than most solvents due to their slow evaporation rate and reusability. Solvent users lose 30-35% of their solvents in the workplace due to evaporative losses from buckets and open tanks. Alternative Acetone products such as AcraStrip have slower evaporation rates, which provides for only negligible losses. In addition, many solvents lose their ability to clean for a long period due to their load capacity. Since AcraStrip 600 CRR can separate waste from reusable cleaner this acetone alternative has a longer half-life compared to traditional solvents, allowing for an overall increase in cost savings.

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