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Eco-Friendly Cleaners for the Wind Energy Industry

One of the top priorities of wind farms and other renewable energy producers is to reduce their carbon footprint through environmentally friendly practices. This includes using safe and non-hazardous wind turbine cleaning products. However, many cleaners for metal towers and fiber-reinforced polymer wind turbines contain hazardous material and other high-risk industrial components.

Designed to replace traditional petroleum-based, HAPS-based, and high-VOC wind farm maintenance products, Polychem green cleaners from Acra Strip are concentrated biodegradable safe cleaners. We can help you keep your wind turbines eco-friendly throughout their entire lifecycle while reducing your overall environmental impact.

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Polychem Offers Non-Hazardous Wind Farm Maintenance

Wind Energy

Polychem eco-friendly wind turbine cleaners are made in the USA and provide a biodegradable replacement for flammable, dangerous air pollutants, high-VOC cleaners, and other hazardous solvents. Our reusable substitutes can be used to clean a variety of grease, oil, algae, mildew, and organic crud while producing non-hazardous waste, making them a green alternative to other wind energy composite cleaners.

Polychem 36 Wind Turbine Blade Cleaner

Polychem 36 is formulated to clean and maintain composite wind turbines. The unique surfactant package and wetting agents allow for the thorough removal of auger grease and hydraulic oil from wind turbine towers, nacelles, and rotors. It comprehensively cleans heavy greases, oils, soot, dried-on bugs, vegetation, and debris from steel, painted steel, polyester, epoxy reinforced with Kevlar or carbon fiber, and other wind turbine materials. Benefits of using Polychem 36 for wind turbine cleaning include:

  • Fully biodegradable and non-flammable
  • Concentrated cleaner that can be used from a 5% concentration up to full strength
  • Can be heated or used at room temperature
  • Non-foaming with no HAPs
  • Can be used for wind turbine cleaning with pressure washers (up to 7500PSI), dip tanks, ultrasonic units, or by hand
  • Can be used with low and high pressure applications
  • And much more!

By using Polychem eco-friendly wind turbine blade cleaner for your wind farm, you can maintain your equipment and allow gears and rotors to run smoothly and efficiently without risking worker or environmental safety.

The Benefits of Polychem 36 for Wind Turbine Tower Maintenance

Wind farms and the renewable energy industry need non-flammable, aqueous solvents to ensure metal and fiber-reinforced polymers are cleaned properly and safely. Polychem 36 is non-flammable, 100% HAPs free, and helps to greatly reduce health and safety issues. Other benefits of our Polychem 36 wind turbine cleaner include:

  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Slower evaporation rates
  • Longer half-life
  • And much more!

Replace Hazardous Cleaners with Polychem Wind Turbine Cleaner

Polychem is committed to offering safe and effective alternatives to harmful solvents used across industries. To learn more about our solvent replacements for cleaning wind turbines, contact us or call 800-431-2072 today for more information.

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