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Non-Hazardous Cleaners for the Wind Energy Industry

For wind energy producers, being environmentally-friendly and reducing their carbon footprint is extremely important. However, when cleaning fiber-reinforced polymers in wind turbines, cleaners containing large percentages of acetone and other industrial chemicals are often used.

AcraStrip 600 CRR is a water-soluble, non-hazardous solvent replacement for wind turbine applications. Designed to replace petroleum-based products, Acrastrip is ideal as an acetone replacement for turbine maintenance.

AcraStrip Provides Eco-Friendly Maintenance for Wind Turbines

Wind Energy

Wind turbines are designed to be strong, corrosion-resistant, and durable to efficiently produce wind energy. 

AcraStrip 600 CRR is semi-aqueous, biodegradable and recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly acetone replacement and alternative to other wind energy composite cleaners. Using a green cleaner keeps products eco-friendly throughout their entire lifecycle and helps reduce your overall environmental impact. The performance of a wind turbine is dependent on the efficiency of its blades. Maintaining this quality performance relies on an effective, high-quality cleaner for fiber-reinforced polymers.

Benefits of AcraStrip 600 CRR for Wind Energy

AcraStrip 600 CRR offers a range of safety benefits for the wind turbine industry. These applications need non-flammable, aqueous solvents to ensure fiber-reinforced polymers are cleaned properly and safely. AcraStrip 600 CRR is non-flammable, 100% HAPs free, and helps to greatly reduce health and safety issues.

Using an effective wind energy composite cleaner not only provides eco-friendly maintenance for wind turbines, but it can also lower maintenance costs by preventing costly repairs and reducing disposal costs.

Other benefits of Acrastrip wind energy composite cleaner include:

  • Longer lasting than acetone
  • Slower evaporation rates
  • Longer half-life

Contact AcraStrip for An Eco-Friendly Solvent Replacement 

AcraStrip is made in the US and provides a biodegradable replacement for acetone, xylene, MEK, NMP, and other hazardous solvents. AcraStrip 600 CRR can be used to clean a variety of resins and coatings and produces non-hazardous waste, making it a green alternative to other wind energy composite cleaners.

To learn more about our solvent replacement for wind turbines, contact us today or call 800-431-2072 for more information.

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