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Best Way to Remove Varnish from Spray Guns

August 19, 2022

Spray guns are an effective way to evenly varnish wooden surfaces. However, spray guns must be cleaned thoroughly after each use to continue providing high-quality performances. But what is the right way to clean a spray gun? Which varnish strippers or varnish removing alternatives are best? The AcraStrip experts are here to help.

How to Clean a Spray Gun with a Varnish Flushing Solution

A varnish cleaner is a great way to ensure your spray gun is completely cleaned and ready for the next application. While the cleaning process is straightforward, there may be variations for your unique equipment. Always consult your owner’s manual before any spray gun cleaning or maintenance.

  1. Run your chosen varnish remover or solvent through your spray gun to clean all internal components
  2. Disassemble your spray gun and pour out any remaining varnish flushing solution.
  3. Remove the spray gun’s tip, air cap, fluid nozzle, and needle. Submerge these parts into a separate container of cleaner.
  4. Ensure all holes and orifices in the gun are clear, flushing out any present varnish.
  5. Take the opportunity to inspect your spray gun and conduct any necessary maintenance.
  6. Remove the components from soaking in the varnish remover. If any material remains on the part, use a wooden toothpick or plastic implement to clear the area. Never use metal tools to clean your spray gun.
  7. Reassemble your freshly cleaned spray gun.

What to Use to Clean a Spray Gun

Spray guns are often used to apply varnish in woodworking, furniture refinishing, and other applications. Acetone is often used to strip away residual varnish, but popular choices are not always the best choices. Green cleaners and varnish stripping alternatives to acetone can provide comparable varnish flushing abilities while lowering risk for workers.

The Hazards of Using Acetone to Remove Varnish

Will acetone remove varnish? Yes. Will acetone clean your spray gun? Yes again. But, despite acetone’s comprehensive cleaning abilities, it is a harsh solvent that poses several risks to your job site and workers while cleaning varnish from spray guns. Hazards and challenges associated with using acetone to clean varnish from spray guns include:

  • Adverse health complications, including irritation in the nose, eyes, and throat, headaches, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, and other severe symptoms
  • High flammability rating
  • Forms a volatile compound when oxidized
  • Requires the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) during application

Choose AcraStrip as an Alternative to Strip Varnish from Spray Guns

AcraStrip green cleaners are an effective alternative to acetone for flushing varnish from spray guns. As the industry’s first supplier of acetone replacement products, we are dedicated to providing safe, high-performing varnish stripping/cleaning alternatives to keep your equipment operating at optimum capacities. We provide fast quote turnaround times, great service, and the best solvent replacement green cleaners to get you to work as soon as possible. Our available solvent replacement products:

  • Are cost-effective and reusable
  • Are biodegradable
  • Represent no risk for workers
  • Typically, no hazardous waste
  • Apply to most paint sprayers and spray guns

Contact AcraStrip for Green Varnish Cleaners Today

To learn more about how we can mitigate risk through safe acetone-free varnish flushing alternatives, contact us or call 800-431-2072 today. Safety data sheets for individual cleaners are available upon request.