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Safe and Economical Acetone Replacement

AcraStrip 700 Recyclable Solvent Replacement

Polychem AcraStrip 700 is a safe, non-toxic, and economical acetone replacement and solvent alternative. In addition to acetone, it can be used in place of MEK (methyl ethyl ketone), methylene chloride, MIBK (methyl isobutyl ketone), toluene, and other hazardous cleaning solvents and lacquer thinners.

Versatile & Effective Green Cleaner

AcraStrip 700 is a versatile green cleaner that can be used for a wide variety of cleaning, stripping, and flushing applications. It is safe for users and the environment, but powerful enough for even the toughest challenges. AcraStrip 700 will not support a flame. It breaks down emulsions during settling, and, because it’s non-toxic and eco-friendly, no reporting is required.

As a recyclable solvent, AcraStrip 700 also saves you money. It can be captured and reused over and over without losing its effectiveness. (Filtration is recommended between uses to remove solids and larger particles.) AcraStrip 700 requires no special storage, DOT, handling, or disposal fees. A low evaporation rate means that AcraStrip 700 also lasts far longer than traditional solvents.

Features & Benefits of AcraStrip 700

  • “Green” acetone and solvent replacement
  • Effective lacquer thinner alternative
  • User-safe and eco-friendly
  • 100% HAPS free
  • Low evaporation rate
  • Non-toxic
  • Fully recyclable solvent
  • Will not support a flame
  • No hazmat fees
  • Ready to use

Request your AcraStrip 700  SDS Today

We are happy to provide you with a safety data sheet for the AcraStrip 700. Please provide details on the SDS request form, and someone at AcraStrip will reach out to you soon.

Common Applications for AcraStrip 700

  • Roller cleaning/tool cleaning: Submerge roller in AcraStrip 700 recyclable solvent and agitate side to side in a pail or tank. Sling off excess fluid prior to reuse. Works very well in an Acrabrush machine or in a pail with a grit guard and bag filter.
  • Internal mix gun flush: Flush with AcraStrip 700 green cleaner at 50 PSI or greater into a dump pail for eventual reuse. Be sure to soak gun tips in AcraStrip whenever the gun is not in use. The gun body may be submerged in AcraStrip 700 without damage to seals or hoses—be sure to plug resin, activator, and air openings.
  • External gun mix & gel coat guns: Wipe tip with AcraStrip 700 between uses, soak tip when not in use. Flush hoses and pumps with AcraStrip 700 at 50 PSI or greater.
  • Putty rig/adhesive equipment purge: Blow out system with air, follow with AcraStrip 700 acetone replacement at 50 PSI or greater. Leave AcraStrip 700 in the line when not in use for additional stripping. Blow out with air before reloading putty/adhesive.
  • Marble wash/solid surface/spray washing machines: Use AcraStrip 700 at full strength, reuse the fluid after settling and filtration.
  • Finishing area: Use AcraStrip 700 solvent replacement at 1:1 ratio with water for nonskid and rail cleaning. Use with three parts water for all lighter cleaning applications. Use undiluted in the Polychem double funnel system for precision gun cleaning.

Contact Us for Safe Acetone Replacement

AcraStrip 700 is a powerful, recyclable cleaner and green cleaner. It works as a safe and effective acetone replacement in almost any application. Contact us today for AcraStrip 700 and other solvent replacement solutions.